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Pump and Motor


Your hot tub can have 1-4 jet pumps. So there is quite a variety of setups. Most common is one or two jet pumps. One pump may be 2 speed: on low it heats/filters and on high gives more jet action. The other jet pumps power different "zones" on the spa. Some spas have small 24/7 circ pumps along with jet pumps. Just remember a "circulation pump" runs 24/7 and simply heats the spa. Jet pumps give you the real action.


Spas operating on 115v typically have either a two speed 115v pump/motor OR a small 115v circ pump and a one speed jet pump. Spas operating on 230v can have any number of jet pumps and possibly a small 24/7 circulation pump.


EITHER or BOTH the "wetend" or "motor" can fail. The typical failure of the wetend is leaking but internal components can break. Most but not all wetends can be taken apart and failed components replaced. The problem occurs when the manufacturer has discontinued that particular model wetend. Also to consider is often one component damages another. Replacing one and short time later you have failure again. When cost is your main consideration you can try replacing the wetend. We repair and dependabliltiy is most important you should replace the complete wetend.

The motor can fail at any time. You can get a few years out of a small motor or many years out of a larger one. There is nothing to service on these motors.   To correctly test a pump motor is with a voltmeter. Depending on whether you have a 115v or 230v motor you set your voltmeter to VOLTS. When the pump SHOULD be on you check voltage to the motor. If the correct voltage is present you know the motor has failed. If no voltage is present you first check the motor's fuse if present. If the fuse is blown you can try replacing the fuse and see if that resolves the problem. FYI typically if the motor blows the fuse the motor has failed. Replacing the fuse only will lead to a blown fuse quickly.

If the fuse is fine and no voltage is present the issue points to being the control system. 


 We have found it most cost effective to replace pump AND motors on components over 3-4 years old. Often the condition of the motor shaft between the wetend and motor. If rusted, usually trying to fix individual parts will either end in failure or failure very soon. This would be a personal decision. If you don't mind saving money now with the knowledge the pump can leak/fail in the dead of winter or just before that party, then you can replace parts. But if you want to get the job done, we always recommend replacing the whole.



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