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In late 1990's to 2002 they began to use a "Piranha" model 3hp jet pump. This differ from the standard JWB Whirlpool pump in that they have a "flat" union connection compared to the  "swivel" connection. It also had the more conventional "side" discharge instead of the "center" discharge commonly used. The Piranha was phased out in 2002.

The newer "J" series spas after 2002 started using the next generation pump... looks much like the Piranha. When they did that parts to the Piranha started drying up and when that happens, prices start creeping up.
We recommend you replace the complete wetend with current 2.5hp wetend. It will fit the existing motor and usually fits in the same space. Reason is some parts for the old Piranha are getting just too pricey. We do offer individual parts fore the Piranha on bottom of the page. We sell the current JPS 2.5hp wetend for $109.00 And the replacement parts for the current wetend will be available for a long time. Yes, it is a 1/2hp lower rating but you shouldn't see any decrease in water action.
The choice is yours.


2.5hp Current Production Complete Wetend CC-JPS-2.5 $126.00



Flat backplate of pump is connected to motor

1.5-3hp impeller are available.

You must match seal size with backplate. Most common is 5/8" seal

When replacing the front or volute, the aftermarket has a set peg you have to remove to mate this volute with your old bracket.

1 Back Plate 94-850 $42.60
2 5/8" Shaft Seal Standard 91-0200 $9.45
5/8" Shaft Seal Standard 91-0200v $19.45
3 3hp Impeller 94-853 $64.25
4 Lg O-ring 94-854 6.99
5 This volute is obsolete 94-858 x.xx
6/a Plug w/oring 94-855 $5.25
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