Motor Wiring Tutor

How to Wire a 2 Speed, 230v Motor
a. Frame 48Y shows this motor fits 48Y wetends/pumps
b. Gives the horsepower on high and low.
c.  3450/1725 shows this is a 2 speed motor.
d. Volts 115 show the voltage line this motor operates. Applying 230v to this motor will damage it and void warranty.


#2-This is your "Common" so connect your WHITE wire to this post.
#3-Line High Speed. Some manufacturers use the Black wire, some use the Red. So you must know which to connect to this post.
#4-Line Low Speed. Identify which color wire goes to this post for your low speed.
Don't forget to connect your Green wire cord to the "Ground" lug.
Note: If you have need on ONLY one speed, disregard #4 connection. Now you would be connected to #2 and #3


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