Motor Wiring Tutor

How to Wire a Dual Voltage, 1 Speed, 230v Motor
a. Gives the horsepower.
b.  3450 rpm is standard speed.
c. Volts 115/230. This means this motor can run on EITHER voltage. It also means the motor must be wired correctly. The label to the right shows how to wire for either 115v or 230v. Care must be taken to confirm the motor is wired for the voltage you need. To apply 230v to a 115v wired motor will damage the motor.
d. Sometimes the motor label is missing the Frame number.


#1-This is "Line". That would be your BLACK wire connected to this post.
#4-Neutral. Connect your white wire to this post.
NOTE: On this motor, if the motor's WHITE wire is in the #4 Lug and the Brown wire to the #3, the motor is wired for 115v. BUT in this illustration, the motor is wired for 230v


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