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Dial Temp w/Black Overlay
No Longer Available

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Dial Temp w/Generic Overlay.
Equal to OEM Above

Digital Touchpad: Gray Overlay


No Longer Available

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Digital Touchpad: Generic Overlay
Generic Equal to OEM Above
F104/F105 ECHO and Premier Standard Topside Discontinued-See directly below
Generic Topsid  53189  Generic Replacement to F104/105

Very Limited Availability



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Select Panel

Very Limited Availability

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Platinum Topside
Same As

Very Limited Availability

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31-226 Replacement Bulbs for Platinum Topside 2 for $12.59


Topside Control Education

Topsides: Topsides typically do not interfere with spa operation. If you lose the ability to push one button and do not get the action in should call for, you normally have to replace the whole topside. There are not repair parts for the topside. If the complete topside fails all at once, usually you look at the board to be at fault in the main control box.

These units are complete and self contained and water resistant.

All the shown topside above are held in place by double sticky tape. To remove you cover a wide blade screwdriver, slide in between topside and spa shell (you covered the blade to protect the finish). Twist the screwdriver and the topside normally pops off. Clean and reverse to add new topside.

If after you turn the main power on you don't see anything on the topside readout and the spa doesn't come on, then likely its a board issue. If there is nothing on the topside BUT the spa does come on, then good chance it is the topside.

FYI: All of the above topside use a PIEZO switch for the button. These switches produce a small current when compress. That current travles down the cord to the board as one pulse. Typically, the board steps up to the next step or position on the board. Example. Press once and the low pump comes on. Press again and the next step is the #2 pump to come on.  Digital topsides with a black background are an LED type topside. Topsides with a light gray background with a small light to illuminate at night is a LCD topside.



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