Filtering and Suction Replacement Parts

From 1990-2002 Jacuzzi Whirlpool used this style filter design on almost all their hot tubs. 

  • Front Load Filter
Filter Housing

This is the exact replacement for the Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath filter housing for their hot tubs.

Comes with a new seal valve.

Shipped as shown.

Front Load Weir

Folding door weir that snaps onto housing seen to left.

Although original part had a bead of silicone between the housing and the door it isn't normally required. You can replace with water in the spa

Front Load Basket

Basket sits above the filter and catches larger floating debris.

Its recommended to use because it will give a longer life for the paper filter.

Front Load Housing Valve

This valve is located on the roof of the filter housing above.

Its purpose is to avoid anyone getting their body stuck against the filter housing when pumps are on.

Because its rubber it tends to deteriorate over time. There are 3 holes in the roof of the filter housing. The center holds the seal valve in place. The other 2 releases any suction.
If you don't replace when the water level raises due to people it will be an open hole for water to drain on equipment below.

Front Load Housing Sensor Grommet

he temperature sensor grommet allows the temperature sensor to insert into the water and not leak.

Over time the grommet gets compress and starts dripping.

This is the replacement.

  • Suction Fitting
Suction Housing

Jacuzzi Whirlpool has used this suction fitting for years.

Unit comes with fitting and nut.

Suction Housing Cover

Replacement cover for the housing shown left.

The OEM likely was square. Due to new rules that cover didn't meet guidelines. This does.

The diameter should cover your new or old suction housing.

Reuse center screw or purchase new to the right.

Stainless Steel Machine Screw
Cover Screw

Replacement stainless steel screw for cover left.

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