Replacement Mood Light

Standard mood lights are a simple 12v light common to older model car dome lights.
We also offer a LED light that has colors built into the light. This LED fits same socket as existing mood light.

  • Mood Light Repair
Mood Light
Mood Light Assembly

Four part replacement assembly for Jacuzzi Whirlpool spas.

As shown.

Mood Light Lens-Blue

Blue cover.

Mood Light Lens-Red

Red cover.

Mood LED Assembly

27 LED Light assembly to produce colored mood light.

As shown.

More About Multi Color LED  See Here

Most spas until 2003 have a simple on/off mood light. Until now if you want color, you purchased a Red or Blue cover lens shown above. In the early 2000's manufacturers came up with an LED light replacement. For light assemblies that have a simple 12v light bulb, you unplug the bulb and plug the LED in its place.

What do I you get?

This is a 10 function, 27 LED assembly. Translation: you get 10 color settings and it uses 27 LED's to make the color. Like your TV, it uses the primary colors in mixture to make other colors.

How do you change color selection?

The assembly works off a simple on/off selection. So, by turning the light activation on your spa on/off/on/off etc in rapid sequence you get different colors or color rotations. NOTE: This assembly only works well on simple on/off buttons. If you have a spa with the button in tandem to the jet action OR a light button that gives various brightness levels, this assembly will have mixed results.

How Do I install?

Open side panel where the mood light is located. You should have a white cone like this over the light lens assembly. Remove by either snapping off or twisting. This will expose a standard car dome light used in early production cars. Simply pull the bulb out. Plug the new assembly in. Reverse and see your new multi color choices.

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