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Hot Tubs built 1994-2002. Model names like Laser, Lexus, Quantum, Alexa, Santina, and all the "Z" series sold through Home Depot.

Parts for Jacuzzi Brand Hot Tubs 1994-2002
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A Word To JWB Hot Tub Owners:

It has been over 10 years since the last JWB hot tub came off the production line. Currently there is only ONE big concern; PCboards. The original manufacturer will not make some model boards and others have seen large price increase. Our caution to you is be careful on purchases of pcboard, topside and sensors. You could be throwing good money after bad.

We are happy to offer you alternatives to your existing control box that will allow you years of service. See at Retrokit.

As for pump, motors, heaters, jets, pillows.... most are readily available and should continue to be so.


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