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Standard Front Loading Filter
Fits All Spas that Filter Slides into Filter Housing through Folding Door on Waterside.
Late 1980's to 2002
Standard Grade-25sq
(what your spa came with)
6199000; 2540-380
$49.00 pair
Filter Education

Spa Filers:

 Its generally recommended cleaning the filters every 3 months and replacing every 1-2 years. If you have a model with a 24/7 circulation pump, I recommend you clean the filters more often OR switch filters after 1 1/2 months. My concern is if the filter is not clean, it could affect the longevity of the circulation pump.

Cleaning filters must include a method of "emulsifying" the oil on the paper. Bleach will not do it. Hot water will not. Most use either TSP or a filter cleaner. But you must breakdown the oil and rinse throughly. Otherwise it will clog and cause flow problems and damage.

FYI: A WHITE filter is not necessarily a CLEAN filter.


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