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Step By Step Building A New Pump/Motor For JWB Spas
Step 1: Loosen but do NOT remove 4 long bolts going through motor.
Step 2: Remove 4 nuts holding 4 long motor bolts and discard nuts.
Step 3: Press 1/2 of new mechanical seal into pump housing cup. NOTE: Rubber is facing cup, NOT toward you. You may use a bit of spit or very little lubricate to allow seal to seat. See Here for MORE seal install help.
Step Four: Mount pump housing to motor using 4 long bolts shown on Step One. Tighten just to snug.
Step 5: Slide other 1/2 of mechanical seal onto impellers shaft. NOTE direction of seal. Rubber part of seal is snug against face of impeller. Plastic part of seal will rub again other 1/2 of mechanical seal. The spring will force the two seals outward and seal the pump.See Here for MORE seal install help.
Step 6: Screw motor shaft will mounting the impeller into the motor shaft. Only tighten to slightly snug.
Step 7: Install eye seal on impeller nose. Wide diameter side of eye seal is furthest from motor.
Step 8: Install large oring, place pump front on, install 4 screws and evenly tighten to just snug. If you place too much pressure on the screws, they will strip the place holes. If you do, you can replace screw with long nut and bolt. You must have all 4 bolts snug.
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