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Complete JHT Wetend 2002-Present

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JHT originally used
1.5, 2.0, and 2.5hp all using the standard 48 frame motor.
Soon they discontinued the 2.0 and recommend replacing with the 2.5hp.
In 2006 the "J-400" series began using the 56 frame pumps in increase longevity and efficiency
In 2009 1.5 and 2.5hp pumps started using the 48b frame.
Below you will see the NEW Generation "B" or 2009+ style wetend for both 1.5 and 2.5hp motors. Although they are different in design, they attach to the same 48f motor as the older design wetend. Also shown on right is the new 2.5 wetend with 56 frame.
1.5hp +09 Style Pump 48 Frame 2.5hp+09 Style Pump 48 Frame 2.5hp 56 Frame Pump

See Here For Repair Parts
JHT-1.5hp-48 frame JHT-2.5hp 2009 + 48 Frame JHT-2.5hp-56 Frame
$126.00 $126.00 $119.00

How To Determine Whether You Have pre or post 2009 wetend?
Wetend Post ID  
2002-2009 2009-Present
Pump Post Pump Post
Brass Fitting where motor bolt
screws into is single nut.
Brass Fitting where motor bolt
screws into is single nut with
extended plastic housing as
For These Parts See Here For These Parts See Here
How to tell if you have a 48frame or 56frame

Difference between a 48 and 56 frame? The easiest determination is the diameter of the motor. Measure the distance between 2 mounting bolts that attach the motor to the pump. 48 frame have 3 5/8" between bolts. 56 frame have 4 1/8" between bolts.

Your JHT 48 frame motor can use EITHER the old or new "B" style wetend BUT internal parts are not commonly interchangeable.



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