Pumps and Wetends

Pumps, Motor, and Heaters are the 3 most likely things to fail. Since many newer models can have 3 even 4 pump/motors they are a common thing to fail. Upside are they are easy to identify as failed and enduser friendly to replace.

You will find the replacement pump, motor, pump/motor, and parts available for your Jacuzzi model.

Circulation Pump

This is the pump that operates 24/7 year around.

Jet Pump(s)

This pump makes the water action you enjoy.


Whole wetend replacements, motor replacement, and repair parts.

Spa Geeks
Help You Maintain Your Spa

Although there isn't a dictionary to go to that defines these terms they are fairly universal.... almost.

"Pump" is the worst because it CAN mean the wetend or the motor or the complete pump motor. Typically you have to take it a step further to define.

"Pump Motor" and "Motor" are usually the electrical motor only. 

"Wetend" is the housing that attaches to the motor. Its where the water is moving and logically called the wetend. It does not include a motor.

"Pump Complete" or pump motor complete. It means the wetend and motor together. 

Wetends and motor are given a "hp" rating. As little as 1/16hp up to 5hp. The wetend and motor should match. The motor can be a higher hp than the wetend but not smaller. Think of getting a larger motor in your car than you need OR putting smaller motor than you need. Having an oversized wetend will cause the motor to have a shorter life. Having a oversized motor is theory will give you longer life but will also cost more to operate.
One other factor has now come into play. Your motor can have TWO hp ratings. One is the motor without any load... basically the motor sitting on a bench. That will give you a higher rated motor. The lower hp value is the motor under a load and gives a truer picture of the motor's performance.

Motors come 2 ways. First and most common is single voltage. This means the motor operates on either 110-120vac or 220-240vac. They can either be a single speed motor or two speed motor.
The second and not so common is DUAL voltage which means in can operate on EITHER low or high voltage. DUAL voltage motors are 1 speed. The low and high are NOT speeds of the motor but incoming voltage. The motor label will tell you how to set the incoming voltage by which wires to use OR moving wires internal to the motor.

The frame label on both your wetend and motor are the size that component would mate with. 48fr is common is smaller hp motors. Many are moving from 48fr to 56fr because cost and operation is better in the 56fr.

The easiest way to tell which "frame" you have is just checking the label on the motor. But if you don't have access you can measure the distance between 2 bolts that attach the wetend to the motor. If the distance is 3 5/8", you have a 48fr. If the distance is 4 1/8"
you have a 56fr.

Also note although the frame size for a motor is permanent, SOME wetends have both frame bolt setup so they can be used on either frame motor.

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