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Circulation Pumps for


Clear Creek Spas offers 3 choices for smaller 24/7 circulation pump. First is Original Manufacturer like you currently have if your circ pump is original. Option #2 is same pump/motor as original with a slightly different mounting bracket. Lastly #3 is a different manufacturer's 24/7 circulation pump

OEM by Laing

Made by Laing for Jacuzzi Hottubs
Same Fittings; Same Base
Same Cord


  Grundfos Makes a Generic All Purpose Circ Pump. You need to install "KIT" first time
  to adust placement and hosing issues. Once that is done the more economical
  Grundfos can be used.
Grundfos Circ Pump 59896291
Made by Grundfos
"1 Fitting vs 3/4"; Universal Base
No Cord. Reuse Existing
NEEDS fittings/hose to adapt from 1" to 3/4" hose. SEE BELOW
Requires minor positioning changes.

See Install Help

Pump Only
Pump Only
Kit to Adapt Grundfos to Existing Laing 3" 1" Soft Hose
2 Hose Adaptors
4 Clamps
Universal 96-126Kit
Buy Once
Early Circ Pump Failure Causes Click Here


Large Low Flow Circ Pump for Horizontal Heater Using 1.5" Piping
All Circ Pumps Listed Below are Generic Equal to the OEM 
220-240vac, 1.5" Pump Unions, 1 Speed
NOTE: All pumps shown can have their wetend discharge turned easily in the field. These pumps can point up, right side, and left side by turning the wetend. 
J-400 Models 2006-5/4/11 except J-415
6000-907  LX Circ Pump
Older J-400 models Pre 2012 except J-415
These pumps are interchangeable EXCEPT older J-400 models may NOT accommodate style of the new LX. Compare layout shown in pic to determine if your J-400 will accept the LX.
Aqua-Flo Brand LX Brand Generic
1.5" fittings; 40 gpm
1.5" fittings; 40 gpm 
6000-907 6000-907g 
$199.65 $149.55 

All J-LX/J-LXL Models (2011+)
All J-500 Models (2015+)
All J-400 Models Except J-415 (1/26/2012+), J-415 Models (10/2/2013+)
J-385, J-375, J-365, J-355 Models (2012+)
J-345, J-335 Models (2012-8/11/15)
J-400 Models 5/11-2/12 and
J-415 2012+
6500-907  6500-913g Generic Low Flow Circ Pump
Jacuzzi OEM LX Brand   LX Replacement Circ Pump for 6500-913
13.7" Long
1 speed, 35 gpm, 1.5" Unions
Side Discharge 
12.25" Long 
1.5"fittings; .35 gpm 
6500-907  6500-913g 
$300.00   $169.55 

Understanding Large Circulation Pumps:
You will note on this page that large circ pumps come different ways. Actually they are almost interchangeable. Pump frame size, voltage, and union size shown here are are the same.
The largest consideration is length of pump. Jacuzzi has snugged pumps into place and a longer replacement may not fit. So make sure you have enough space for a longer pump if you chose to order.
Second is discharge pump direction. Most generic pump come with discharge pointing UP or 12 o'clock. Your particular application may be 3 o'clock or 9 o'clock. To turn the wetend is fairly easy.
Lastly, LX brand is made in China. AquaFlo is made in both USA and Mexico or a combination.

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