Rebuilding a Typical Hot Tub Pump


The following is the how-to on replacing either the pump or motor. Follow Directions either way.

You will see 4 long bolts go through the motor. If you are replacing the motor, the new motor will have nuts on the opposite end shown in this picture. If you are replacing the pump bracket, simply loosen the bolts. Do NOT remove for they also hold the motor parts together. Your old pump will be directional for the discharge. Note on the pump bracket, you will see several aligning guides to help you put the new pump face in the proper alignment. Otherwise you might have to turn the pump when you realize you aligned the pump wrong. You can do that at any time by loosening the bolts to slightly pull out of the pump and turn the pump to its proper alignment.

Note the seals. 1/2 of the seal sits in the cup on the bracket. The rubber is between the cup and ceramic disk. Also note the other half of the seal on the impeller's stem. THAT seal has the flat surface of the seal against the back of the impeller and the plastic side facing the other half of the seal. When you bring the impeller and bracket together, the spring will push the ceramic disk and plastic together and seal the pump. You MUST do it this way.

While holding the impeller, screw the motor shaft clockwise. Make sure you align the impeller correctly on the motor shaft. Tighten to snug. Also, if reusing an older motor, you MUST remove all rust. If you don't, the larger diameter of the motor shaft will likely split are ruin the new impeller.

The "o-ring" on the JPS/JHT pump is actually square as you can see. Make sure the ring sits flat on the oring seat and place the front or volute of the pump over it.

 Tighten the screws evenly using a criss-cross method to assure the two halves of the pump compress evenly. Tighten screws to snug.

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