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 Repair Parts "56 Frame" Pump


Jacuzzi Premium Hot Tub started using a "56" Frame Motor in 2006.
There were TWO wetends used in the 56 frame wetends.
Jacuzzi used a "AquaFlo" made wetend 2006-4/2009.

Jacuzzi used a "LX" made wetend 5/2009+.

Quick difference is the AquaFlo was used on the 2006-4/2009 motors and LX wetends on the bracketless motors.

IMPORTANT: Although these 2 56fr wetends look alike, parts are not interchangeable.
We offer replacement parts for both styles of 56 frame pumps.
AquaFlo See Here LX See Here
MotorBracket 56frameMotorHighlight

Difference between Jacuzzi Wetend and LX/Aquaflo Wetend 
The front plate of the Jacuzzi wetend screws into the middle of the wetend   The front plate of either the LX or Aquaflo is thin and screws into the main housing. Note LX wetends and Aquaflo wetend parts are NOT interchangeable although similar.
JHT Wetend   AquaFlo

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