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Repair Parts "48" Pump


The "original" JPS wetend was modified in 2009. See diagram below how to tell which you have.
The original wetend has limited repair parts shown on this page. We highly recommend you replace with a new generation wetend and continue to use your existing motor. See Here

Replacement Parts for Jacuzzi Hot Tub Jet Pump 2002-2009 "J Series".

For 6/2009-Present 48b? Frame Wetends See Here

 For 56 Frame pumps Click HERE for 56 Frame Wetend.

Wetend Post ID How to Identify If your Pump Is PRE 2009 or Post 2009
2002-2009 2009-Present
Pump Post Pump Post
Brass Fitting where motor bolt
screws into is single nut.
Brass Fitting where motor bolt
screws into is single nut with
extended plastic housing as
For These Parts See Below For These Parts See Here


    2.5hp JHT Wetend Complete
JHT Wetend We only sell the "Complete"  2.5 PUMP/Wetend KIT In the 2009-Current generation "B" Style See Here

    2.5hp JHT Wetend Individual Parts - - 2002-June 2009

Pump Repair Coupling
6000-031 7.83
Straight Repair Coupling 2" 6500-232 14.25
45 Repair Coupling 2" 6500-037 12.30
Screws (ea) 6570-070 .54
Drain Plug WITH Oring 6500-255 6.27
Drain Plug O-ring Only 6500-256 .75
Front Volute w/plugs 6500-288 39.15
Large Square Oring 6500-290 5.78
Impeller 2.5hp 6500-295 27.94
Impeller 1.5hp 6500-308 2002-09 Discontinued. New Style See Here
Mechanical Seal-Generic 6500-805 19.25
Rear Bracket Housing 6500-311 32.68
Pump Vent Fitting Stainless Steel Barb Drain Fitting (replaces plastic style) 6540-030 16.08
O-ring for suction/discharge Union 6560-044 .87

Replacement Motor ONLY for this wetend. No pump/motor complete is available

Motor 48fr, 2.5hp,2sp, 230v
Motor Only
35-184-1080 $380.13

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