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Pump/Motor for 115v, 2 Speed


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The New Generation JHT Pump/Motors come in TWO pieces; the motor body AND the motor bracket. These are TWO different parts and ordered separately. The motor bracket is designed to be permanently installed and reused. When you need to remove the pump/motor, you release the strap and remove. It makes motor removal easier and also allows more adjustments in direction the motor sits.  .

 We offer 2 style pumps. The 6500-345 of the left is the same style wetend you originally had. The 34-343-3025 on the right is a generic LX  brand wetend that fits in the same place.
6500-345 115v 2 sp Pump Complete
6500-345  34-343-3025 
Uses Jacuzzi Style Wetend 
3.6/13.6, 115v
LX Brand Replacement
3.8a/13.8a, 115v
16" x 8 7/16" x 8 7/16"
$379.00  $289.00 

CC-JHT-1.5 6000-532
JHT Wetend 6000-833 
Pump/Wetend Only
1.5hp/ 48fr
Bracket Only
$126.00 $41.50

Many used 1 pump/motor for single pump spas.
Common are a 2.0hp or 2.5hp pump/motor in their 2-3 pump spas. They also use either a 1 speed or 2 speed motor. They discontinued the 2.0hp and replace ALL with the 2.5hp pump/motors. All motors on their 2-3 pump spas operate on 220-240vac.


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Hey !!! My pump points the other way! Do I buy a different pump?  No. Pumps are made so you can point the discharge to the left at 9:00 o'clock, up at 12:00 o'clock, or to the right, 3:00 o'clock. Same pump.

Some even allow a middle position between say, north and east or northeast.

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