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2002 - Present


Oval Pillow Insert

Early Style
6455-007 $20.48
Oval Pillow Insert 2007+
Has Plastic Logo Lens for 2007+ for Mood Light
Interchangeable with 6455-007


Outer Oval Pillow FRAME For BOTH Pillows Above 2455-105 $18.33
Oval Pillow and Frame Combo 2007+
Has Plastic Logo Lens
Interchangeable with 6455-007
2472-826 $36.27
Oval Pillow and Frame Combo 2014+
New Generation With Contoured Neck Support
Has Plastic Logo Lens
Back Compatible with J-300 2 Part Pillows
2472-824 $38.27
Screw for Pillows Above 6570-231 $2.90ea
Screw Housing (Bushing)  6570-233 $3.99ea
Screw Housing Gasket  6540-283 $.45ea
Screw Nut (plumbing side, secures housing and gasket to spa) 6570-234 $2.79ea


J-LX Series Hot Tubs
J-LX 2011+
J-LXL 2011+
6455-485 $25.20

J-200 and Hermosa Model

J-220/230 Pillow
NOT Shown
6455-457 $37.83
J-220/230 Pillow
6455-468 $37.83
Hermosa Model
Pillow with "DelSol" Is No Longer Available
Current Pillow says "Sundance"



J400 Slider Pillows

Pillow: Mid 2009+ (with light lens) 2455-263 $39.09
Pillow: 2006-2009 (without light lens) 20152-001 $29.55
Bracket/Slider for Sliding Pillows
New Generation May Require
Small Filing of Bracket Base
To Fit Older J-400 Series
2570-401 $4.00
Bracket Screws (stainless steel) 20165-001 $.45ea
Screw Socket (mounts into shell) 20164-001 $1.85ea

J-500 Pillow Replacements 
2455-266 J-575 and J-585 Replacement Pillow
2 Post Snap-on In Back 
2455-266 $31.29

Pillow Education

Pillows: They come in any color as long as the color you need is GRAY.

Pillows are a hard thing to build; if you want them to last, they must be hard. If you want them to be soft (who doesn't?) then they will be easy to corrode. This is the most common complaint: Why did they fail so soon?

It really is a problem. Just remember that pillows cannot handle soaking in water or toxic gas. Of course, that is funny because they are in a moist environment that is loaded with gas. Because of that, if you want to maximize you pillow's life, make sure they remain dry as possible and that your water chemistry is balanced and you don't use a lot of chemicals.

Easy to Say. But I have seen customers put the water line above the bottom of the pillow and wonder why the pillows soaking in water failed. Others don't maintain the water chemistry and also get a blistering pillow. But if you know going it those factors are important and the cost of replacement of pillows, then you will keep an eye on both.

Also cleaning the pillow with protectorant has been known to help to reduce chemical damage to the pillows.

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