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J-LX/-LXL 2011 - Present

Light: Pillow 6560-010 $92.40
Light; Dual Pin/Waterfall 6560-022 $48.30
Light Kit: Step 6473-005 $84.00
6560-033 DCU Light Control (blue) 6560-033 $134.40 No Longer Available
6560-136 Complete LED Assembly 6560-136 $117.60
Housing, Oring, and Nut 6541-136 $24.97

 J-200 Series Spas  2002-06

4 1/4" Face

Housing, Oring, Nut, Light Cone
(as shown)
6540-442 $17.48
Light Cord Harness 6560-247 $5.00
Clear Lens 6540-446 $7.14
Blue Lens 6540-452 $7.14
Red Lens 6540-453 $7.14
Green Lens 6540-454 $7.14

2007-2011 J-270, 280

2008-2011 J-230

2012+ J-230, 235, 245, 270, 275, 280

309002Mood Light Nut
Lens Housing and Nut
Hole Size: 2 5/8"
Face Diameter: 3 1/4"
48-002 $20.10
Mood Light Lens Mood Light Lens
Red and Blue Lens
 3 1/4"
48-006 $13.99
Bulb (standard 12v Car Dome Light) 6560-246 $3.68
LED Multi-Color Light: Plugs into existing socket 08-070 $26.12

J-300 Series Spas 2002-06 Footwell Light Housing

4 1/4" Face

Housing, Orinng, Nut, and Light Cone
(as shown)
6540-442 $17.48
Light Cord Harness 6560-247 $5.00
Clear Lens 6540-446 $7.14
Blue Lens 6540-452 $7.14
Red Lens 6540-453 $7.14
Green Lens 6540-454 $7.14

J-300 2002-06 Waterfall/Footwell Lights

Field experience has shown that the Waterfall light (6560-422-48) can both fail and damage the footwell light (6560-420-48). This is how this light assembly works: The board applies 10-15vac to the footwell light. The footwell light is the "brain" of this system. It tells both the footwell and the waterfall light what color to turn on. This is so both lights are in sync. If the footwell light fails it will affect the waterfall light. If the waterfall light fails it might not but can damage the footwell light. Problem is since they work in tandem, one can affect and damage the other. This is why its recommended you replace BOTH waterfall and footwell light to avoid damaging the other part. If you replace the footwell light and the old waterfall light damages the new footwell light, this would not be covered by warranty.

Because of the cost involved, we offer both parts at a discount to allow you to replace both and protect yourself from damaging a new part.

Also, the new components come with new cords. Using these new cords are critical. Over time the cords can corrode and damage the components. Reusing old cords can damage your new part that again, is not a warrantied.

Lastly, when installing a new waterfall, silicone the screw holes AND the phone type jack. This will seal the waterfall from water damage. Its best to be liberal using silicon that reserved.

Phone Jack Style

All LCD Models and 06/05+ LED Spas 6560-422 $111.17
Use With Above
This is the "brain" of
your lighting system.
It "tells" the waterfall
lights what light to
6560-420 $222.18

AMP Jack Style

01/05-05/05 LED Spas   6560-822-48  No Longer Available
Use With Above   6560-820 

J-300 2007- Present Lighting

6560-577  LED Lighted Cupholder 6560-577  $75.60 
6560-136 Footwell LED (2007+)  6560-136  $117.60 
Pillow Light  2560-908  $19.95 
6560-033 DCU Control (blue)  6560-033  $134.40 
DCU (only with exterior lights or status display on topside)  6000-345  $157.50 
Light Kit: Step  6473-005  $84.00 
Cover and light and cord.  2540-904  $138.80 
Cover Only  2540-905  $19.90 


J-400 Lighting 2006 - Present

Logo Seat Light 20141-001 $214.20
IX Side IX Jet Lighted 20094-001 $189.00
11" Waterfall Light w/clip 20096-001 $212.10
Slider Pillow Lens 2540-701 $31.50
6560-033 DCU Light Control (blue)

(Excluding J-1000 systems)

6560-134 $134.40
6560-577  LED Lighted Cupholder 6560-577 $75.60
Light Kit: Step 6473-005 $84.00


Lights Education

Spa Mood Lights: Most spa mood lights are 12vac. On the  models with only a bulb and color lens, you can replace the bulb with a similar size car dome light much cheaper than purchasing from us. That is why we don't offer the bulb. Remove the light from the plumbing side and match locally.

On most above models you can also install rotating mood lights, parts 22798 or 22805 shown above. The key is your light button must be a simple on/off button. If you push your topside light button on/off, you can upgrade with these bulbs. Your result is you will get LED lights that will make allow for multiple color choices. Look at directions for more information. With the rotating colors you can get blue, red, or green or many variations between. The 22 light has that many LED's so is brighter.

On many spas the footwell and rainbow waterfall both have lights that are in synchronized. Therefore one part must direct both to rotate together or you would get confusing and mixing colors. On these systems the footwell has the "brain" of the two. So by pressing the on/off light button it turns the brain on/off and sets the pattern of lights you are trying to reach and directs the footwell and waterfall to sync. Because of this is you lose certain colors on both footwell and waterfall, the fault likely is the footwell's brain. You must replace the whole footwell assembly to fix. If a single color is missing on on but not the other, then its likely the failure of that part's LED and requires the replacement of the complete assembly.

FYI: The original mood lights sold with amp connectors. This design has been discontinued. The only available design is the current phone type jack. They are not interchangeable.

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