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Heaters for


LED Models J-300,320,325, (except 2004,
see below) 330,335,340,345
Female Electrical Clip Connections
LCD Models J-300/350/355
Screw Electrical Clamp Connections

6500-063 J-310, 315, (also 2004 J325)
4k, 120v/240v  3/4"

Stainless Steel Replacement of plastic fitting.

6540-034 J-200 Adaptor Fitting Heater to Hose $19.90
Heater Plug 6000-124 Stainless Steel Drain Plug 1/8-27 $6.12

J-400 Heater

240v, 5.5kw
J-400 2006+


Horizontal 15" Heater (as shown)


DelSol, J-210, 315, 325 4.0kw 6000-338 $142.80
J-230, Winchester 5.5kw 6000-156 $138.80
Generic 15in SideGeneric Angle Heater Generic Equal. Comes with adjustable mounting straps, OH sensor housing, and predrilled pressure switch holes.
Easily adapt to this application. 
DelSol, J-210, 315, 325  4.0kw  46-555-2206  $132.80
J-230, Winchester  5.5kw  56-555-2210 $128.80 

4.0 Generic Coated Element 10-017 $49.36

5.5 Generic Coated Element 10-016 $49.36

2" REPAIR COUPLING 19-420 $9.90

2" Heater Gasket 19-018 $2.49ea


Heater Education

How They Work: Heaters basically resist current flow and doing so heat. Most common rating of heaters is 5.5k. Some are less, few are more. A 5.5kw heater operating at 230vac you should see a 5-6 degree per hour water temperature increase. 

How do they Fail? The "official" statement from those who make heaters is that if it doesn't fail instantly, the only reason afterward is enduser water quality. We did service on one brand that only warrantied their heaters up to the first use. After that, nothing. Again, the belief is that enduser water quality or lack thereof causes heaters to fail.

But in the field, its hard to determine. Yes, likely the most common reason the heater fails is water quality but there is only so much an enduser can do. Some ask why don't they make elements that last but my answer has always been the same; would you pay 3x what you pay now for a "better quality" heater? In reality, most of us would not. So we try to maintain heaters and see what happens. I have seen the same style heater last less than a year and more then 10. So maybe there is something to the industry's blame.

But in most cases, you can see corrosion on the element and that explains the problem, water. BUT.. elements can have pinholes and that pinhole will leak current and the gfci senses and POP. So I have seen heaters over the years that looked fine yet the element somewhere is shorting out and the GFCI pops. Solution is replacement.



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