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Filters for J-300 Series


   All J-300 Series Spas 
OEM Premium Filter:
This is a patented filter.
2002+  "J-300" Series Spas
60 ft²
From OEM, not an aftermarket brand.
If you are using this Patented filter, you should be using one of the following: See Here
Generic Aftermarket Equal
Handle Part of Filter's Top
Not Removable
Learn How the NEW ProClarity System Can Be Used In Your Spa
See Here
Replacement Cap for 6000-383-81
New Filters Come With This


If you are using the 6000-383 with a "removable lid" and NOT using one of the following items... WHY NOT?

The 6000-383 patented design filter makes keeping your spa water clean so much easier.

With their patented filter you have a handle on the filter top that twists off. Under this cap you can attach the "ProClear" listed below on the left filter that the circulation pump draws from. This allows you to use the products below..

OR If you wish to use chlorine or bromine tablets to sanitize your spa, you can purchase the slotted dispenser listed below and attach that to the filter cap. You that can add tablets as needed and adjust the slots as needed. This will remove the need for a "floater" on the water. You can reuse the slotted dispenser over and over.

The Mineral Purifier is a water treatment system that uses trace elements of silver and copper to kill bacteria and algae more effectively and much faster than chlorine alone. Easy to use, the ProClear Mineral Stick is placed directly into the filter cartridge and has a lifetime of up to 4 months. Not to be mixed with Bromine, bromides or Biaquanides.

This allows you to place your sanitizer in the circulation filter lock cap on Patented Premium filters. The filter top handle opens and allows you to insert this into the filter body and snaps onto the filter cap. You can also adjust the vents to set the chemical level to your needs. Instead of a floating dispenser, you will have this inside the filter with your sanitizer. It assures constant application of sanitizer through the filter and ozonator.

2890-185 2472-673
$31.41 $9.09

Filter Port Repair (Where filters screw into spa. J300 Series)

6540-329 6540-753 6540-791 6540-511-74-994 6540-751
Filter Fill Filter Fitting-Jets Nut for either Oring Filter Fitting-Circ Pump
Screws into filter hole closest to topside and hose end screws into this.
Helps remove air lock situations.
This is the fitting the J-300 Series filter screws into.


$5.52 $6.54 $3.06 $5.52

Filter Education

Filters: Many filters are patented design. The most common one has a twist off handle that allow you to add their ProClear or chemical dispenser.  

Some offer filters with Microban in the paper. Microban is used to limit organic growth on the filter. It lasts the life of the filter.

We recommend cleaning the filters every 3 months and replacing every 1-2 years. If you have a model with a 24/7 circulation pump, I recommend you clean the filters more often OR switch filters after 1 1/2 months. My concern is if the filter is not clean, it could affect the longevity of the circulation pump.

Cleaning filters must include a method of "emulsifying" the oil on the paper. Bleach will not do it. Hot water will not. Most use either TSP or a filter cleaner. But you must breakdown the oil and rinse thoroughly. Otherwise it will clog and cause flow problems and damage

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