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Diverters for


  Directional Water Flow for:

 J-300/J-400 Series 2002+

 J-LX/J-LXL 2011+

6540-729 OringLarge 

Discontinued  2018+
Not Available Back Compatible

OringSmall Spacer 
Water Directional Knob
Water Directional Base
O-ring for
Directional Base
New Gen Directional Valve

O-Ring for Valve Stem 6540-568

Nylon Spacer
J-300, J-400, and LX Models
As Shown
New will work on old style.
2540-533 6540-729 6540-865 6540-568
Replaces 6540-966
6540-868 6570-248
$5.78 $2.75 $1.40 ea $31.50 $.91 ea $.99 ea


6541-224 Knob and Cap 6541-224 $6.49
OringSmall  Oring Stem 6540-868 $.91
OringLarge  Oring Cap 6540-865 $1.40
Spacer  Spacer 6570-248 $.99
6540-568  Gate
New Gen
6540-568 $31.50
                   J-210 2005+  Redondo Divert-A-Jet 2003-04

Face 4 5/8"

  Graphite Color 6541-800 $17.22
                        J-220 2005+
Directional Knob, Cap, and Gate Kit 309193 $19.10

                   J-230 2008+  J-270/J280 2007+


  Knob and Cap 2540-239 $8.40
OringSmall    Stem Oring (need 1-2) 6541-241 $.60ea
OringLarge    Body Oring 6541-240 $1.50
    Gate 6541-242 $9.35
J-400 IX Jet Valve  

    J-400 Series Waterfall Control

Complete 2-Way Valve Assembly LESS Knob Topside Knob Complete 3-Way Valve Assembly LESS Knob
20241-001 20150-001 20172-001
$27.30 $3.15 $56.00


Diverter Education

Spa Directional Valve: Directional valve consists of several major parts other than the housing. Typically you only replace these parts and leave the housing intact. 

Top part is the handle; pull to remove. Next is the base. Simply unscrew like a jar lid. (turn off power before replacing)

This will expose spacers, o-rings, and directional valve. NOTE these and their order because if you lose, the valve may leak when reassembled.

Lastly is the valve. Simply pull up and out. If debris is holding the valve in place, you might have to use some muscle. But it simply pulls out. Also not direction when removing.

FYI: Where did the stuff come from that makes turning the valve hard or impossible? Usually its a sign that your "socks" or suction covers are missing. These suction fittings in the footwell of the spa need "covers" that screen out small grit and sand. If you have lost yours, you can find them on this site.


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