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Pump Coupling Repair Parts


Typically only type of motor/pump is used for single pump spas.
Early 2003-4 models used either a 2.0hp or 2.5hp pump/motor in their 2-3 pump spas. They also use either a 1 speed or 2 speed motor. They discontinued the 2.0hp and replace ALL with the 2.5hp pump/motors.  All motors on their 2-3 pump spas operate on 220-240vac.

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Standard Repair Unions/Ring For Pumps
1.5" Straight 2" Straight  2" 45 O-Ring 2" Pump Gasket (makes better seal than o-ring) JPS SS PUMP Drain Fitting (replaces nylon) 2" Repair Coupling for JPS Pumps. This is a split ring that on 2" unions will replace broken ring.
90-230 6500-232 6500-037 94-044 19-018 6540-030-90-001 6000-131-90
$10.25 $10.25 $14.25 $.87 $2.49ea $12.08 $6.50
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