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6600-722 Replacement PCboard

This pcboard replaces previous generation boards. If your board has 6600-089 printed on the actual board or a label glued to the board saying 6600-289, this is the proper replacement board. The new generation board fits the same footprint but a few connections may have been moved but labeled. The new generation also have a modified area of the board that allows for either a crimp post heater connection to the board (as the original board) or a screw down connection. Either connection will work but the later is prefered.
Also the new generation likely will be program to operate with new generation UV sanitizer. See instructions included with new board.

 Jacuzzi Premium and Hot Tub J-Series Models 2001 to Present 

03-289 6600-042

LED Circuit Board
New Generation Board
Replaces 6600-089, 6600-289
1 to 2 Jet Pump w/o Circ Pump
Rev 5.57 or newer (replaces 5.0, 5.03, 5.52, 5.54)


6600-289 Board 
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 Install Help
 6600-726 Install Help
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Used On Following Models (without circ pump) 

Jacuzzi Hot Tub  1-2 Jet Pump:

Del Sol Redondo and Hermosa
2005-13 J-210
2008-08 J-220

Sundance Hot Tub  1-2 Jet Pump:

2000-02 Sweetwater Aruba, Bali, and Cyprus
2003-05 Del Soll Redondo and Hermosa
2006+ 680 Series Denali and Tacoma w/1 Jet pump
 PCB Assignments 
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6600-166 Temp Sensor Curled Finger    $31.88
6540-228 O-ring For Temp Sensor When Replacing Temp Sensor   $1.89
6600-144 OH Sensor Curled Finger     $29.01
6660-053 Sensor Harness Only Replace As Needed   $2.25
PCB Transformer  6000-517  WITH Plug: Prewired For 115vac   
Only Replace As Needed  
How to Test A Transformer 

Other Components Used on this Board
6600-321a 2600-321 One Jet Pump Oval Topside $189.00
6600-641a 2600-641 1 Jet Pump Del Sol  Topside $199.50
 One Jet Pump Oval Topside $189.00
2600-289 Two Jet Pump Oval Topside

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