Jacuzzi Sensors 2002-Present

Some Jacuzzi models have plug/socket into the control box so those are easy. Just plug and play.
Here we will address models that the temperature or OH sensor plug directly into the board.
You either have the "curled finger" or "box end".  Curled finger are used on spas with a LED topside. Box end sensors are used on a model with LCD topside.
First we will cover how to disconnect the old sensor from the black or white plug.
Secondly on models that the temperature sensor isn't directly above the control box but around the corner or even on the other side, this is how to easily install them. 
On models having an extended distance around the side Jacuzzi builds the model with 1/2" flex hose for the wiring to travel through. If you follow your old sensor wiring you will see it goes into a small flex hose.

Curled Finger Separated

How to remove/install old sensor line from plug.

Illustration to the right shows how to remove and install sensors on a 4 prong socket (white).
Some models you a larger harness (black) AND "box end" connectors.
The principle is the same. In the example it is the "curled finger" design so when you use a paper clip or similar it compresses the spring and releases the sensor wire from the connector.
Models with a black harness use "box finger" connectors which you do the same thing BUT you are compressing a little clip on the wire to release.
In either case, when you install the new sensor wire make sure the new connections are "locked" into the old sensor harness connector.

Install New Sensor

Sensor Head

How to install your new Jacuzzi Hot Tub Temperature Sensor


DISCONNECT old sensor line from the board and plug. (see above)


Feed Out of box.
Often it can be a challenge to feed the old sensor line out but it can be done.


***Tie STRING to old sensor line.***
This is the trick that will save you time and a lot of pain.  Take a long string and tie it to the end of the old sensor line.
You will be pulling the line back into the hose and through the side of the spa and bring in out where the temperature sensor is located. 


Partially drain.
Drain the spa below the current temperature level.


Old Sensor.
Simply remove the old sensor with a wrench. If will come out.
Carefully start pulling the line. You MUST align the old line and string and feed into the tube the line goes in.
Eventually it will pull enough for the string to come through the hole.


Install New Sensor.
Simply reverse above and carefully pull the new sensor line back through the pipe.
Its always recommend you replace the oring to make a good seal.
You don't need to tighten alot. On the opposite side of the wall is a nut. If you crank down on the new sensor you can either brake the sensor housing or the nut. You are simply forming a seal.

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