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Gatsby Pressure and Flow Switches

Pressure Switch; 2 psi Generic Adj Switch Flow Switch
20-869 20-310 353111
$31.14 $34.69 $99.64


Where is the Pressure Switch or Flow Switch on My Spa?
Most Common Placement:

3 Common Locations Of Pressure Switch:

Inside Canister Heater

Install Help


Screwed Into Horizontal Heater


Inside Control Box Screwed Through Wall Into Heater


 Located In Piping; Should be Easy to See. Also, You Can ID the Cord Connection Plugged Into the Side of the Control Box (as pictured) and Follow Cord to Flow Switch. OFTEN You Can Just Replace the Flow Switch and Discard White Housing It Comes In. Just Make Sure You Use New Teflon Tape and ONLY Tighten to Snug AND Follow the Arrows. This Switch IS Directional.



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