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Gatsby Pump/Wetends

Understanding This Page: 

> Pump or Wet End mean the part SEPARATE from the motor that moves the water.

> You can purchase the Complete Wetend or individual components of the pump. (we recommend complete wetend)

> ALL wetends shown fit the same motor.

> We offer THREE different wetend pumps. The original likely is the XP-2. We also carry Executive and Hi Flo Wetends.

    Original Production Jet Pump Used: S35A9-B PIRANHA

Flat backplate of pump is connected to motor

ONLY 3hp impeller is available.

You must match seal size with backplate. Most common is 5/8" seal

When replacing the front or volute, the aftermarket has a set peg you have to remove to mate this volute with your old bracket.

1 Back Plate w/ 5/8" Shaft 94-850 $42.60
2 5/8" Shaft 91-0200 $9.45
3 3hp Impeller 94-853 $64.25
4 Lg O-ring 94-854 $6.99
5 Discontinued  
6 Plug w/o-ring 94-855 $5.25
6a Order Part 6 Above
Wetend to Plumbing Gasket 19-018 $2.49ea
Executive 1.5-3hp Wetend **Recommended
1.5 to 3.0hp Complete

2" Fittings as Shown

48 Frame
97-360 $99.00
Individual Parts for Executive See Here

  XP-2/2e Jet Pump Used Late Gatsby Production

Note: Flat Plate of Pump is on FRONT of Pump. Comes COMPLETE. NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. 2" Fittings

1.5 to 3.0 hp XP2e COMPLETE

2" Fittings

48 Frame
97-362 $104.00
Individual Parts for XP-2 See Here
 Hi Flo Wetends 1.5-3hp applications/Side Discharge.
  Waterway Hi FloHi Flow Wetend Back
1.5-3 HP 2" Fittings 97-140 $92.50
Individual Parts for Hi Flo See Here 



Hey !!! My pump points the other way! Do I buy a different pump?  No. Pumps are made so you can point the discharge to the left at 9:00 o'clock, up at 12:00 o'clock, or to the right, 3:00 o'clock. Same pump.

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