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On this page we can help you in being systematic in your solving your spa problem. We start from "Nothing works" to "xx" doesn't work. Follow the links and we can help you be the Spa Pro for your own spa. Lets get started:

Older DIAL Temperature Topside Units with:

Unfortunately, these older units made 1998 and earlier have discontinued parts which makes repairs hard. Much of the information that follows, although somewhat different can be applied to the earlier models. Because we have no sourcing for the earlier non fully electronic systems (using DIAL temp control) we can't offer much experience or parts other then the pump/motors and like. Most techs won't even work on them.

Although the control system and topside control are discontinued, most of the other components are current. So if you have one of these units, its better to contact Tech Support and give your specific failure at spageeks@clearcreekspas.com



Electronic Spas Touchpad topside:

Nothing Works

I'm getting an error code

Everything works but its not heating

It pops the breaker

The "xxx" doesn't work. Usually that means the "xxx" component has failed. To test you can check the fuses and voltage output to the component. You can also test the power to the component to confirm the control box is actually giving current to component.

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