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Most of Gatsby/Imperial/Blueridge spas use the same topside control. The exception is the number of pumps. You can use the 2 pump topside on a 1 pump system but you can't use the 1 on a 2.

The exception is the new Winchester Spas. They have a spa specific topside.

The topside uses a piezo switch. It sends a small signal down the cord to the pcboard and the board reacts. Because of this, the topside's failure typically is only each button but requires the complete topside to be replaced. The topside doesn't act except to send the signal and readout the temp and error codes. Therefore if the buttons are OK and the digital legs on the readout are working OK, then a failure will be caused by things other than the topside. The reason this is mentioned is that many will think since pushing a button isn't getting a response it's caused by a failed topside. Actually, failure of topsides are rare.

The topsides are interchangeable between Gatsby, Imperial, Blue Ridge and Swift River brands. To make the topside brand specific, you buy a specific overlay for your brand.


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