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What is an Ozonator?  Basically, by using an ozonator you are injecting ozone gas (O3) into the spa water to help sanitize it. It's a great way to keep the need for sanitizer chemicals (bromine or chlorine) to a minimal level. You will have to "Shock" the spa to sanitize on a regular basis to catch up on keeping the spa clean.

There basically are 2 types of Ozonators used for spas: bulb and CD chip. The bulb is the older generation but used quite extensively to date. A long bulb coated with a special covering heats and creates the ozone gas.  The "New" generation is using a CD chip. This chip creates an arc (like lightning) that produces ozone gas. The two benefits are the arc can create more gas and the chip can be replaced in many ozonators.

Next step once the ozone gas is made to inject the gas into the spa. Usually this is done through a mazzai style fitting. Many spas come "Ozone Ready". This means the piping and electrical connections are present. What you do is install a "Mazzai" fitting which is a "T" fitting that as water travels through it creates suction. This sucks the gas out of the ozonator and into the spa. If you are already using an ozonator, replacement is easy.

Once you have an ozonator properly installed, the only part to replace is the bulb type ozonator or the chip on replaceable chip styles. The piping and mazzai should not need to be replaced. The only common exception is if the spa water is not kept clean, you might have to clean the mazzai because the water flow can be hindered through the mazzai and stop flow and suction. But this is rare.

How do I know it's working? Either the bulb type or the CD type glow. The bulb's glow many times can not be seen during the day but looking at it during the night you can.  The CD type has a window that you can see the glow is most cases. Also, it's common to have a automatic shutdown of the ozonator when someone touches the topside pad. So if you are checking on the ozonator, the pump must be on automatically and you must not touch the topside.

What should I get?

Mostly, it's cost and ease. IF you already have a bulb type, easiest is to replace with same. We offer both OEM and an aftermarket ozonator made by Balboa.

It's very easy to switch to CD and have the option of just replacing the CD chip later. The piping stays the same but you might have to mount the new ozonator on the wood frame of the spa. Again, that's easy.


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