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Spa Runs, No Error Codes, But its not Heating
If the heater light DOES come on it's either the heater itself or the pcboard. The only way to check is with a volt/ohm meter.
Step 1. First Test The Heater:

Heaters work by resistance. A voltage is applied to the heater and it resist the flow of current and in doing so, heats up. Spa heaters typically have 10-15 ohm resistance.

Identify your heater. Its either a canister heater (connected by a heavy cord to the control box) or horizontal heater (directly connected to the control box).

Canister heater is easiest to test. Turn main spa power OFF. The heavy cord is plugged into the side of the control box. Unplug. Set your meter to OHMS. Plug one probe on each line going to the heater. You should get 10-15 ohms resistance. If not, bad heater-replace. If yes, go to step 2.

The other less common heater is the horizontal. To test that you turn of main power to the spa. Remove the cover of the control box. You will see 2 posts coming through the wall of the control box to the board. Perform same test as described above touching your probes on either the heater's 2 posts or where the heater connects to the board. Same results.

Step 2. Testing the board.

Warning: You will be working with live current. If you are not experienced with electrical tests, refer this test to a qualified person.

Set the meter to VOLTS above 300vac. Turn on main power. When the heater light comes ON, on the cord type spa, insert one probe into each line socket (just like if you were testing a wall socket). You should get either 115 or 230vac. If not, you have a bad board.

For spas with a horizontal heater, same test placing your probes on the same point as you test the OHMS.


NOTE: NEVER put a meter so to OHMS on a Live Electrical Spa. Also, be careful not to touch any surface other than the surface you are testing.


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