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How can I tell what voltage my hot tub runs on?
Your hot tub normally operates on one of 3 wiring configurations. First is a standard 110-120vac which can either plug into a wall outlet or be hard wired from the main or subpanel.
Second is 220-240vac using 3 incoming wires.
Lastly is 220-240vac using 4 incoming wires.
110-120vac In this example you see a Green (ground) wire on the top. Red is not used. Black connects to Line 1. And White to Neutral. (3 wires). This means 110-120vac from the house will be applied to the hot tub. ALL components will be 110-120vac.
NOTE: Hot tubs running on 110-120vac typically will have a minimum "amp or amperage" requirement. Common are either 15a service or 20a service. You will need to confirm you are supplying the spa with the minimum service needed to operate the spa or you can damage wiring or equipment or even have a fire damage.
3 Wire Service
In this example you see the Green (ground) on the top, Red in Line 2, and Black in Line 1 (3 Wires). There are no wires connecting to the Neutral lug.
This means all components operate on 220-240vac.
4 Wire Service
In this example you have Green(ground) service on top, Red to Line 2, Black to Line 1, and WHITE to neutral. (4 Wires)
This means components in this spa can operate on either 110-120vac OR 220-240vac depending on how the spa is wired.
Usually the pumps and heater are wired for 220-240vac and the control system and some other components operate on 110-120vac. Check each component to see what its operating on. You can also check the voltage to the component when the spa is operating.


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