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How does my spa heat and jets work?

Follow the heater water's path:

#A Filter

Water is pulled through the filter. If you have 2, its usually the one closest to the topside control. Enters the front of the pump (suction fitting).

#B Pump and Out

Pressure is created by the pump and pushed to the heater

#C Heater

Heater. On this design, it usually has a pressure switch screwed into the heater.

#D Manifold

Heated water is forces to the manifold and distributed to jets.

#E Jets

Water disburses to jets and into the spa.



Spas with this configuration usually have ONE #1 pump that is 2 speed. If may have a second #2 Pump. If so, usually each pump feeds a zone. The #2 pump will draw water from the filter to another manifold and into its zone. It will not be heated water and is the #1 pump and zone.

Control Box

In this example the control box has the heater on the bottom of the control box. Sometimes the heater is attached to the back. Whichever you have, the Low Speed on the #1 pump move enough water for the spa to turn the heater on and heat the spa. On some models, the heater will go off when the #1 pump is on high because of too high a voltage demand.


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