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Canister Heater

The canister heater pressure switch is located under the black

cover shown. Older models do not have a pressure switch. Easy

way to determine if your canister does is by the amount of cords

to the heater. If you have a large (power) cord and a smaller cord,

then you have a pressure switch. The smaller cord is the switch


Easiest way to replace is draining but often you just don't want to.
If you decide not to drain, remember when you remove the old

switch water will come out.

Turn hot tub completely off at main breaker.
Remove screws holding black cover and pull back. It will expose

pressure switch.

Either use teflon tape or plumbers putty on the threads of the

new switch.

Disconnect the 2 wires going to the old switch. You can install either

way on the new switch.

Remove the old switch. The switch is installed by hand but over time

they can resist removal. You might need to use a large wrench to


Swap switches. NOTE: these switches use a plastic thread. Be careful

not to cross thread new switch.

Tighten by hand. You typically do not have to use a lot of pressure to seal

Install 2 wires and reassemble. If you got water on the heater posts, dry

area completely before closing cover.


See Pressure/Flow Switches

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