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For Boards With This Topside


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The "Platinum" Series topside was used on several boards. The only way to match is to look at your board's Chip #.

In the upper left center of the board is a chip with a number on it. The number will be F106/7, R327, R641, or K286. Each of these boards used the "Platinum" topside but each board operates differently with different equipment. So the boards are NOT interchangeable.

Therefore, ID the Chip # and match to boards listed. Numbers/letters after the first letter and 3 digits are generational information and do not apply. Simply match the letter and first 3 numbers and you will have a match.

FYI: The OEM is always updated boards with minor changes. Example: The picture above shows board with new sealed relays that typically last longer. The board is the same. These changes are improvements. If you have any questions, please contact up before installing.

Note instructions to install. Always compare old to new board. Review jumpers if any and match old to new. Failure to do so can cause damage to the board or equipment.


Board for F106/7, Deluxe Digital


1995-2001 Platinum Series

w/4 Wire Service

2600-017 $399.00

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Board for R327 or R641 Control

With Website Installation Help

2001 Platinum Series

w/3 Wire Service

2600-011 $369.00
Board for K286


P700/P725/K100/K780 Models w/4 Wire Service 2600-018 $399.00

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OEM Generic Aftermarket May Require Minor Wiring Changes 52518
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