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I'm getting an error code:
What error code are you getting? Error codes USUALLY are GREAT! The board is telling you what it sees as a failure and why its not working. It's not always reliable but pretty good.
So, first, start with my "Secret Click" method that almost always points at the problem. Click Here
NOTE: Electronic spas with DIAL temp control work off a heater light flashing error code. We have found that system highly undependable but a good place to start. Start with Secret Click method above.
Actual Codes and their meaning:

Codes Requiring Attention


Flashing FLO or FL means the board has turned on the low or #1 pump and doesn't see water moving. It will not turn on the heater.

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SOLID FLO or FL means the board sees a closed pressurer switch. This is typically a failure of the switch.

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OH comes on and spa does not operate.

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or or

One or both of the sensors have failed.

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Board sees COLD water and will turn on heater and jet pumps to increase water temp. USUALLY will flash with another code to indicate problem. But if not, there should be not reason other than resent water change that you will get this error. Its the board telling you it see and emergency but hasn't been able to correct.

Warning Codes

Means the board see cool water, 20 degrees below what you have set the spa for, it will turn on spa's heater. Common to display when spa water is changed with cold water.


Board is on battery backup (only Platinum Models). Check incoming power.


Non-Digital Jacuzzi Whirlpool Topsides
Heater Light is: This Means: How to Fix:
Heater light off more than on Lack of Flow Error Code

Flow Error

Heater light even on/off Overheat Error Code

OH Error

Heater light on more than off Sensor Error Code

SN Error

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