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"My Hot Tub is not on. What do I do?"

If the temperature is going below 32 degrees at night, you MUST be proactive or the results can be very expensive to repair. On some model spas you can have frozen pumps, heater, and water manifolds. The damage can easily cost $1000's to repair. So what to do?


How do I protect my Hot Tub from Freezing damage?

If you know you will not have your hot tub repaired quickly BUT its still not freezing, you will need to either drain it (see here) or protect it from freezIng. In most climates, simply putting a small space heater, heat lamp or even a shop light (using old style bulbs that generate heat) in the equipment area can provide enough heat from the bulb to keep things unfrozen. Just make sure the heater actually doesn't touch any equipment.

Critical is the plumbing. For hot tubs with a lot of foam, this can be a blessing and curse. Make sure whatever method you use nothing hot is touching any equipment or wet area or foam. Do not place any electrical object in water. If you drain the hot tub you can also put the light/heater in the water area of the hot tub to warm from there into the pipes. Do not depend on draining the spa to keep you safe unless you winterize. I have repaired hot tubs that the owner "thought" the water was drained well but wasn't and bottom fittings and pipes were burst. This can be a major job. By assuring the hot tub/water is kept warm by either heat source in the equipment area or in a dry hot tub will be money well spent.

Another effective way to protect your hot tub from freezing if the hot tub shuts down is "pipe heater tape". This is a common pipe tape found at most hardware stores for home water pipes. They are design to wrap around water pipes in cold climates. Once you wrap them around the pipes you plug the tape in. It has a sensor and ONLY comes one when the pipe gets cold.

Wrap some of the pipes with one or two heater tapes, especially around the pump and heater. Then plug the heater in an outlet that isn't connected to the hot tub. That way if the hot tub caused the breaker to trip, the heater tape is ready to save the day. Of course you would want to make sure any wiring exposed to the elements were protected.

Keep plumbing area warm!!! Unless the spa has been properly winterized. See Here

Draining the spa when it's broken down.

First, if you have ICE on the top of the spa remember this: nature does an amazing thing. The bottom of the spa gets COLD and just before the water freezes in floats to the top. That's why lakes freeze and fish live. So frozen tops means you are in critical point.

Experience has shown again, try to add heat. You can do any methods mentioned above. What you DO NOT do is keep opening the side panel (lets heat out) or the top cover (lets heat out). You CAN have ice on top of your spa and the piping is fine. So get something to warm the piping and water.

We have also found that its typically better to leave the water IN the spa then drained unless its properly drained which you normally would have done months before. A spa full of water is more stable in temperature and as in warms up everything is warm. Drained pump/pipes are free to free easily. But again, placing heat into the equipment area would help


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