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Replace Your Control System

For Hot Tubs with 15" Horizontal Heaters
Our C-5 Is the Perfect Replacement.
$505.00+ with optional topside upgrade
For a few dollars more then Some boards Sell For....
you get a complete new control system!

We offer two choices for topsides and two choices for control box heaters.

First Option - - Topside Control
 The Heater attached C5 and T7s Control is close to an exact swap on most small topside control sytems. The T8s topsides have same features and slightly larger than the T7s. These topsides allow you the option of control when and length of filter cycles, lockout feature, and more. NOTE: The T8s Control may be larger than the hole you presently have. You may have to modify the hole to fit the large topside.  (See Comparison)
Second Option - - Heater Location
 Usually the piping is flexible to allow for standard C5 installation with the heater attached to the bottom of the control box. One consideration is the incoming power from the house is located on the upper RIGHT side of the C5 control box. Because of this, it might be easier to purchase the C5 WITH Corded Heater. This allows you flexibility of where the actual control box sits while the piping to the heater remains the same. The C5 heater is industry standard 15". Corded heater is not recommended for 1 pump spas.

We want to make your installation of our C5 as easy as we can.  We will send you SPECIFIC steps to install the C5 into your spa when you fill out the information at checkout. We make it as easy as we can for you to install our C5 and get your spa operating. The kit includes the control box, topside, temperature sensor, and Pump 1 cord. Other component cords are extra. See more about cords here.

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Heater Attached-Option A   Heater with Cord-Option C
Industry Standard Bottom Flow   Allows For Flexible Installation
  T7s Topside (included)
T7s Topside

T8s ($30.00 extra)

T8s Topside
 (See Topside Comparison)
$505.00+ with T-7s   $529.00+ with T-7s
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