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This air control has been used by Jacuzzi Whirlpool since the early 1990's. It has been discontinued.


New Generation:

a. Used a housing nut to tighten air control body to spa shell. Discard screws hold housing to shell.

b. Replacement comes with Elbow with 1/2" barb fitting. In spas with glued in fittings you will need to purchase street elbow 1/2" locally. You will glue the street elbow into the new housing and the 1/2" airline hose into the elbow.


Steps to replace air control with new generation.

1. Remove old air control components. To do this you a) remove air control hourglass knob by pulling off, b) remove graphic ring by slightly bending. Be care you don't snap the graphic ring, c) remove 2 screws holding air control housing, d) pull out old air control.


Steps to install new generation air control
  1. New gen control uses two divots that need notches in the spa's shell for them to align. Typical is a top/bottom notch. A 1/4" round file works nicely to create the notches. When the new housing slides flat with the shells surface you succeeded. Place a small bead of clear kitchen/bath silicone on the housing flange and install. Install the nut underneath and tighten to snug only. Clean up any excess silicon.
    2. Replace panel, graphic ring, and knob. Note the knob has a metal sleeve that may still be on old control stem. Remove from old and install in new. This sleeve gives needed strength between the air control and knob.
  3. The new housing comes with a 1/2" barb elbow. On most spas you will need to purchase a 1/2" street elbow. A street elbow is male on one end and female on the other. Glue the male into the new clear air control housing and the 1/2" air line into the female elbow. Use standard pvc primer and glue.


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