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Why does water come squirting out of your air control when the jet pump is on?

Most think its a failure of the air control check valve and replace it. Usually it is not.

Odd as it seems, the failure is likely in either your HTC jet (shown) or the HTA jet.


Why is that?

This is how spa jets work. The jet housing has 2 incoming connections; water and air. When water is forced into the jet by the jet pump, it goes through the jet nozzle. The jet nozzle creates suction and sucks down air down the air line. This is commonly called the venturi effect.

What can happen over years, is the tightness of the jet nozzle to the housing deteriorates and the nozzle itself. There develops a gap between the housing and ball of the jet nozzle. This gaps actually will reverse want the design is intended to do. Water will start flowing UP the air line and out the air control valve. This condition is not uncommon.

Usually you can correct by replacing just the nozzle. This is done on the water side and can be done with water in the spa but easier without.


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