Control Box Tour

    Here Is a General Tour of a Typical Control Box

A Incoming power terminal block. On this control box it requires 4 wire service. First is green for ground. Second and third are lines. Fourth is white or neutral. If the power is correct, using a voltmeter green to neutral to be close to zero. Red to white is 110-120vac. Black to white is 110-120vac. Red to black is 220-240vac. These voltages are required for the hot tub to operate correctly.
B These sockets are where the components plug in. The wiring for these couplings come directly from terminal "K".
C Main 30amp fuse. If this fuse blows its almost always a pump motor failure.
D Transformer; The board operates on 12-15vac. So you need a transformer to reduce the incoming power down to this lower voltage. The transformer gets its power from the "I" socket and also feeds the board through the same socket.
E This is the connection that links the pressure switch to the board.
F This is a paired connection for sensors; one pair goes to the heat to sense the temperature of the heater and protect the hot tub from it overheating. Its referred to at either the OH sensor or the High Limit sensor. The other pair of this connection is the temperature sensor. The cord runs to the filter compartment and tells the board what actual water temperature is.
G This is the boards chip. This manufacturer puts the board and control box number on its chip. Example: F106xxxxxx. The "F106" is the board AND control box number. the "xxxx" is used to identify its generation and is not user necessary.
H This board has 2 smaller fuses that can fail if a electrical surge event happens.
I This is where the transformer plugs into the board
J This terminal is where major power current connects to the board.
K This terminal feeds the "B" bank and therefore the components. Usually the actual component is printed on the board here.
L Its not clear but on this control system, the air blower fuse is here.
M You can't see it but the control box is wired to the heater posts (2) at this locale.
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