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Replace Your Control System

  Buy a Complete Retro KIT

Your control box/topside is over 13-20 years old. The original manufacturer is supporting replacement parts less and less and charging more for those parts. We offer our expertise about Jacuzzi Whirlpool hot tubs allow with these Kits to allow you to replace the control system, keep your components, and be current with 21 Century Technology. For a very reasonable price.

This means you will get new control box, new digital topside, new sensors, and cords for less than some replacement boards.



  What the C-5 Control System Includes:

RightBlueArrow Digital Display on either the Standard T7 topside or Advance T8 Topside.

RightBlueArrow Set Spa to Standard or Economy: Standard keeps the spa at the temperature you set it for. On Economy level the spa will only heat when  the unit is filtering. Many find this setting in Summer keeps their spa cooler.

RightBlueArrow Choose 1 or 2 filter cycles per day

RightBlueArrow Choose the duration of filter cycle.

RightBlueArrow Choose to have the board "buzz" when buttons are pushed or silent.

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  More Benefits of Our C-5 Kit

Ease of Installation

Uses AMP plugs which your Balboa system uses. This allows you to reuse many cords.


1 Year for Date of Purchase


Depending on which topside you choose from simple operation to many user programable choices

Ease of Install

We preconfigure your control and much of the wiring. Also included is a cheat sheet written specifically for your spa model.


Depending on control model, most come with a new heater

What Comes with the Kit?

You get a new control box with heater, temp sensor, temp sensor housing, electronic topside control with cord, new #1 pump cord, component instructions, and our famous cheat sheet specific for your spa model.

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Warning: Although these systems are designed for ease of installation, not everyone is qualified to install.

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