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Hot Tub Spas built by Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath (1994-2002) LIKELY have a ONE SPEED #1 Jet Pump rather than a 2 Speed which is industry standard.

To adjust for this you need to modify setup by using the included 2 speed cord that comes with the kit. Failure to do so will cause the spa not to operate correctly.

Step 1:

Note the wiring diagram on the motor. It this example you see "Line" and "Line" on the right of the label. Since there is no HIGH and LOW terminals you know this is only a ONE SPEED motor. This is most common with Jacuzzi Whirlpool. When you access the wiring of the motor where the cord attaches note the terminal the 2 wires connect to before removing. Some motors have a number of terminals.
C175 Motor Label

Step 2:

Here is a sample of the 4 wire cord you received with the kit. Black/Red/White/Green

4 Wire Plug

With your C5 control, the unit will turn on RED+White for LOW SPEED; BLACK+White for HIGH SPEED.
SINCE your Jacuzzi Whirlpool one has ONE SPEED, you have to set the unit to power the motor when on LOW. That will allow the C5 to Filter, Heat, and Pump #1 to come on. THIS IS CRITICAL.

So you will connect your NEW cord the following: Green to Ground. White to Neutral or Line. RED to Line. You will NOT use the BLACK line. The best forward thinking is to tie the BLACK line back and secure well with either wire nut or electrical tape. The reason this is smart is later you might want to replace this motor with a 2 speed motor. If you do, you have the cord in place.

On most models of Jacuzzi Whirlpool you can reuse the existing cords on the other components. Please note on MOST Jacuzzi Bath that have an AIR BLOWER they are 115v. On late models that change the BLOWER to 230v. Default the kit comes set for 115v. If you need to change to the higher voltage read the install manual how to do or contact us.

Step 3:

This is covered elsewhere but we are repeating ourselves if you missed this.

The C5 needs to be programmed to match your components. Follow these steps
(see page 10,11 of your topside manual):

> Press and hold AUX button on topside until it goes to PL1. Release and immediately press and hold again. When it goes to PL2 release and press the DOWN button to stay at this level.

>First step is Code 1. Usually default is 1-1. You need to change to 1-2. You do this by pressing the UP button.
>Press Down button and you will get Code 2 which typically reads 2-1. You want to change it to 2-2.
>Press Down button. You will get Code 3, 3-1. IF you don't have an air blower simple bypass this Code by pressing Down button. If you DO have an Air Blower, press UP button to 3-2.
>Press Down button. You will get Code 4. That is incoming power. Likely your power is 50a amp so simply go to the next step.
>Press Down button. Code 5. For your application the default is fine.
>Press AUX and your settings will load.

You are good to go. You will have Pump 1 heat, filter, and when you turn on Jet 1 the pump will come on. FYI: Due to Jacuzzi not having a second speed when you press Jet 1 to HIGH you will not get anything. That is fine. Jet 2 will turn on your second one speed pump. To get the full action you previously got simply turn both Jet 1 and Jet 2 on the same time.
For those with an Air Blower, press the AUX button for air bubble action.

      Display and Error Codes and their Meaning

Spa is filtering. Not an error.

Spa is Heating. Not an error.

Freeze Mode: Below 45O . Low speed will come on and continue until spa reaches 48. No other function will work. Not an error.

Water is over 113O. To reset turn spa off briefly and power up.

Heater sensor is heating above 116O Low speed pump will come on to cool down spa. Once below 103 you can hold temp sensor down 10 minutes to reset.

Temp sensor malfunction (sensor in spa wall)  Check connection is secure. Replace if is.

High Limit/OH sensor malfunction (sensor attached to heater) Check connection is secure. Replace if is.

Not enough water flow. Check filters and pump. If still occurs with adequate water flow, replace pressure switch. If no water flow replace pump/motor. If error stops when filters are removed, replace filters.


Warning: Although these systems are designed for ease of installation, not everyone is qualified to install.


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