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Model Identification Page

 This page will help you identify which model spa you have. Model Names help identify which parts you need. Models with the same name might have several equipment packages. Example: Lexus LC and Lexus Plus have the same shell but different control systems and equipment.

First identify which shell you have. Then identify the topside control listed below. Combine the two and you have a good idea of your model Name and Series. The alternate method to identify your spa is the ID label on the spa. ID labels are usually glued to the spa shell above the equipment area. The ID label is about the size of a large index card.


Topside Your Spa Series Built Approx Manuals Parts
SCM Mechanical Spa 1984-1995 SCM Find Parts Here
Early Z, Essence, or Premier 1995-1996 1995-1996 Echo/Essence
Platinum 1995-2001 Early Platinum
Mid Z/Essence 1996-1998 Echo/Essence Dial Temp
Select 1998-2001 Select
Late Z/Essence 1998-2001 Echo/Essence
Late Platinum   Late Platinum
J Series Hot Tubs 2001-Present Premium Hot Tub

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