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Air Blowers
 (Blowers pushes air through holes or fittings on the seats of spas. They are not to be confused with pumps that push water and air through jets.)
J119000, 2560-150 Air Bubbler
115v w/AMP Plug 230v w/AMP Plug
Most Platinum Spas and Older Pinnacle, Triton and Some Late Model Quantum Plus and Platinum
**You Must Look On OLD Blower to Confirm Voltage**
99-101 99-102
$183.00 $189.00

Hydro Quip Air Blower 34-355-1510, 34-355-1515 
The Hydroquip comes with a extension cord to ease installation. Do Not Cut cord work it will void warranty.  
This blower has a rubber cup to attach to your existing piping and secure to tighten.
115v w/AMP Plug and Extension 230v w/AMP Plug and Extension
**You Must Look On OLD Blower to Confirm Voltage**
34-355-1510  34-355-1515 
$149.00 $150.00

Air Injector
Air Injector
aka 35-470-1001
Hole 3/4"
Face 1 5/8"
Plumbing Connection 3/4"

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