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C5 Control Box Tour

Our replacement Control System is no stripped down barebone unit. Each unit purchased complete (including control box and heater) is capable of handling up to 3 topside control components, a circulation pump if present, AND an Ozonator AND your mood light AND a stereo (socket is always on).

The ONLY difference between these two choices are the topside touchpad control.

Its a matter of matching the topside to your needs.

When you purchase the C5, during check out process you tell us "What I Have". Sometimes this is the hardest part because you don't know. But its important for us to "preconfigure" the system to expect what you have. If you make a mistake, we include information that tells you how to re-program the system. You can also choose what cords if any you need.

T7s Topside T8s Topside  
   Tour C-5 Control Box

From 1 to 7 Components


Simple plug in for topside control and temp sensor


5.5kw heater. Industry Standard 15". (Except for low flow heater)


Individual Fuse for Each of the 3 Major Components


Easy to change each components voltage


House power comes into C5 from upper right corner of box

    Easy Plug-ins Right Side Box



Ozonator (optional)


Light (optional)


Cir Pump (not common)


Pump 1. Automatic and Control from Topside


Aux, Like Air Blower. Control from Topside


Pump 2. Control from Topside


Audio. Always HOT line for powering items such as Spa Radio


Top Electronic Digital Topside


Temperature Sensor


  Summary Of Each Spa Component

Jet Pumps

Can handle 1-2 Pumps

AUX/Air Blower

Can handle an air blower OR 3rd pump OR... outside lighting. Example: This socket can be set for 115v. (ONLY WHEN a 4 WIRE INCOMING LINE IS USED or 115vac Incoming Power)  You can place an outside light or spotlights or rope lights (properly grounded and water resistant). When you press the AUX button it will active the light. TRUE MOOD LIGHT....


Ozone ready. Either 115v or 230v


12vac Light


This socket is always hot. You wire it for either 115v or 230v. Common use of this is for a stereo.

Circulation Pump

Only on spas with a large 24/7 circ pump. Many post 2000 spas use this feature.


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