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Options When Your Gatsby/Blueridge/Swiftriver Hot Tub Begins to Fail



After 7-10 years hot tub components start to fail although the spa itself can be in perfect shape.

Spas made by Gatsby face TWO major issues: First is the electronic control box pcboard has been discontinued for over a decade. Second  the canister heater although available is costly.

What to do???? 

We DO have a "BEST" solution that solves BOTH pcboard and low flow heater problems. Replace the Control Box with the NEW C5 Low Flow Control box shown below.

Why is spending $589 better that $549 or $269? 

By upgrading to the C5 with Low Flow heater you get so much! And you can expect to have replacement parts available for years to come.
"Low Flow" heaters are used on spas with a 24/7 circulation pump.
$589.00+ (introductory price)

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