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When Your Hot Tub Freezes . . . Now the Work Begins. It's Not Hard... Just Work.  This Page Will Help

Your Hot Tub Froze.... What to do? 

A spa that is damaged by freezing usually leaks in at least one of these areas: 1. The heater coupling, 2. The pump coupling, 3. The pump, 4. A discharge manifold, 5. A lower jet, or 6. Anywhere in the piping.

First, do NOT assume you have a broken piping until you thaw the spa and see if it leaks. Exception is if you can SEE the break. I have seen spas I was sure would need new pipes and only a minor part was broken. So thaw the spa and see what leaks. (also remember you will have to figure out what went wrong since the spa shut down and froze)

Once you have the spa thawed, now begins the Sherlock Holmes search. The equipment area is first search and most common parts failed. Second, remove the side panels and look. On many older spas you have a full access to piping/jets once insulation is removed. On newer spas with spray foam, you hunt is harder. Remember water flows... often away from the leak. So you will see a pool of water on one corner but the water leaked elsewhere and the water flows and pools there.

Once you ID what the freezing has damaged, you will find most parts here: 

1. Heater Repair Coupling
 2" Repair Heater Coupling, Tailpiece, and Gasket 19-421 $14.90
2" Heater Seal Only 19-018 $1.70ea
2" White Tailpiece Only 19-005 $5.50ea
2" Black Split Ring Only 19-420 $7.50ea
Vertical Repair Kit
Top White Barb Fitting, Black Ring, and Gasket
for Gatsby Vertical Heaters
17-109 $45.64

    2. Pump Coupling Union Repair

  Spas with WHITE PUMP
Flange for White Pump 90-011 $5.25
Gasket for White Pump 90-010 $5.25ea
  Spas with Black PUMP AND Cone Fitting
Repair Union for J-Pump; comes with new oring 90-170 15.75
  Spas WITH Flat Fitting
1.5" Straight 90-230 $10.25
2" Straight 90-232 $10.25
 2" 45 90-037 $14.25
JPS SS PUMP Drain Fitting (replaces nylon) 90-001 $12.08
2" Repair Coupling for JHT Pumps. This is a split ring that on 2" unions will replace broken tightens ring. 90-131 $6.50


    3. Pump/Wetend Repair Parts

JWB "J" and "K" Pumps with cone connection
JHT Pump/Wetends
Late JWB and Gatsby Pump/Wetends
Early White JWB Pumps


      4. DISCHARGE Manifold Fittings (all barbs ")

PLUG: Use to Plug Barb Ports on Right. This is a SPECIALIZE fitting

79-860 1.49
2" 4 Port Open
79-314 9.69
2" 4 Port Closed
79-315 10.90
2" 6 Port Open
79-788 10.69
2" 2 Port Closed
79-316 7.83
1 " 4 Port Open
78-051 9.50

  5. Jet

JWB Jets including HTC, BMH, and HTA Jets
JHT 2002-Present JHT Jets
Gatsby Gatsby Jets


 6. Piping and Hoses: Both Flex and Soft Plastic
You Can Change Length When You Add to Cart.

 NOTE: Due to shipping length constraints we may cut lengths shorter to enable shipping.

 Flex Hose
Up to 5' Lengths " P1-H100 $2.00ft
" P2-H100 $3.10ft
1" P3-H100 $3.60ft
Up to 2' Lengths 1 " P5-H100 $4.00ft
2" P6-H100 $5.00ft
 Soft Clear Hose

Up to 20' Lengths
Used In Ozonator
42-741 $.49/ft
Used In Airline
79-747 $1.00/ft
Used In Discharge
P2-H-744 $1.49/ft


   Magic Mender


Goes INSIDE the existing pipe and continues the same size pipe but adds length.

" P1-005 $6.50
" P2-005 $8.95
1" P3-005 $10.85
1 " P5-005 $14.90
2" P6-005 $16.90
Coupling Extender

Goes OVER the existing pipe coupling and creates same size pipe. Can be used to go over most couplings. You might have to file down raised lettering on coupling to make secure glue joint.

Actual Example of Application; Click Here
1 " P5-429 $15.99
2" P6-429 $15.99
Inside Pipe Coupling

Goes INSIDE BOTH existing pipes and creates an inside mending. BOTH pipes must be same size


1 "


P5-500 $5.65
2" P6-500 $5.65


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