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Help Installing New Sensors or Flow Switch

If you are replacing a single sensor into an existing coupling that has two or more pairs together, you need to release the old sensor from the housing and if the new sensor came with a single pair housing, release the wire ends from the single to install into the multi-pair housing.

Example: Your receive a sensor or flow switch with only Curl Fingers

and your existing housing is 2PairSocket


Above see tech inserting a exposed stiff wire into the "window" of the coupling. This compresses the wire end to allows release of wire. While pressing the short wire through the window, gently pull the sensor wire being release out of the coupling.

Also common to use instead of wire are push pins and unfolded paper clips.

If your coupling is slightly different, just apply principle to your style to release sensor wire end.


When replacing the Temp Sensor part 6600-167 or 6600-166, this might help:


Turn off main spa power.

Lower the water level below the temp sensor.

Next, remove the access panel to the control box. Identify the Temp/OH sensor assembly and unplug. Separate the 2 temp sensor wires from the plug if the temp and oh sensor are paired together. Fish the cord out of the control box.

Your temp sensor will either be visible from the access panel or the sensor cord will travel through a flex hose to the location of the sensor. For models with a visible sensor you simply sway.

For spas with the sensor cord entering a flex hose, tie a long string on the end of the wire.

Unbolt the temp sensor from the side of the spa with a 1" socket or wrench, and pull. The wire will start pulling and you will see the wire on the control box side start going into a flex hose. Pull and feed and you will bring the wire completely out of the spa and end up with string. Swap sensors. Note: its always wise to replace the oring with a new sensor.

Reverse. Tighten temp sensor stud only to snug. Over tighten and you can break the nut and will require more work.


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