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Which Pump Are You Looking For?

Low Folow Circulation Pump that runs 24/7 See Here


 115v, 2 Speed. On models with only ONE jet pump that is 2 speed, its likely a 115v motor (check actual motor). If so, you have only one replacement choice.  See Here 

Understanding generations of Jacuzzi Hot Tub Jet Pumps
Jacuzzi has evolved through different jet pumps.

Generation One: 2002-6/2009 48 Frame

Used a discontinued Jacuzzi wetend and had a 48 frame and a standard pump motor with "bracket" or a welded foot on the motor for it to stand.

Generation Two: 2006-4/2009
Used an AquaFlo wetend with a welded foot 56 frame motor.

Generation Three: 2009-Present 48 Frame

2009 and since their motors have no welded "bracket" but the bracket and motor are separate. When you replace the motor you reuse the bracket. Also the bracket makes aligning the motor to the plumbing so much easier.

Generation Four: 5/2009-Present 56 Frame w/Emerson Motor
This generation uses the newer style JPS pump with a 56

Generation Five: 5/2009-Present 56 Frame w/LX Motor
This generation uses an LX Motor and wetend.

Yes, it's a bit confusing but think it this way:
Models with a 48fr 230v motor had 2 generation wetends. The wetends are not interchangable. The 48fr went from a motor with a welded bracket to current motor with no bracket.
Models with a 56fr 230v motor were made in the US (Emerson) and China (LX). Parts are not interchangable. The early use of Emerson motor did have a bracket and current does not. The LX motor never had a bracket.

How to identify which wetend you have.
Jacuzzi 48 frame are their own design. 56 frame are either Aquaflo or LX wetends.

Difference 45frame and 56frame

JHT Wetend

Generation 1: Jet Pump Wetend Used Only 2002-2009 with 48 frame

Generation 2 and 3: Jet Pump Wetend Used Since 2009 with 48 frame

Generation 4 Emerson: Jet Pump with Emerson Motor With 56 frame

Generation 5 LX: Jet Pump with LX Motor With 56 frame

115v 2 Speed Jet Pump Complete

230v 1 and 2 Speed Pump Complete

Universal Repair Parts for Jacuzzi Wetends

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